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Here at Recovery Club SA we offer advanced, internationally recognised, recovery systems for sporting and active individuals, and for those that require post operative rehabilitation.



Recovery Club has made it our mission to make some of the best technologies in the world available to our clients and patients. The PowerPlay cold compression systems offer cooling as well as intermittent compression of injured joints which allows for optimal results for pain and swelling relief, either immediately after an injury, pre-surgery or post-surgery.


Recover Faster

Studies have shown that people who use cold therapy and compression therapy together as opposed to just one of those therapies alone recover from their injuries significantly faster. The many benefits of cold compression therapy include reducing pain, swelling, and edema, while promoting faster healing and muscle recovery, and stimulating blood flow.

Effective Intermittent Compression


PowerPlay combines the benefits of a cold therapy machine (or cold therapy unit) and a compression machine to deliver intermittent compression therapy – meaning the compression pump inflates the wrap to the desired pressure, holds for 10 seconds, releases, then inflates again. The intermittent compression moves the blood more effectively, helping push the swelling out of the system making it more effective than static compression on its own.

These benefits of cold compression therapy amount to a faster and more pleasant recovery. This therapy can be applied to those suffering from minor joint pain, to major surgery rehabilitation (such as ACL surgery recovery) and anything in between. Some of our clients feel that they benefit from a session of compression and cold therapy for muscle recovery after training. Applying cold and compression to overworked, aching muscles will pump blood and oxygen through the area, and bring down swelling and fluids so that you can get back on your feet faster and be ready for your next event.



  • “Both intermittent compression and continuous cryotherapy are more effective in reducing post-traumatic edema than cool pack therapy. Intermittent compression showed the most significant reduction.”
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  • “In a study evaluating cold therapy for outpatient arthroscopic ACL reconstruction patients, the pain rating of the non-cold group was always higher than the cold group; Vicodin use in the non-cold patients was also always higher than cold therapy patients.”
    Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery, Volume 14, Issue 2, March 1998, pages 130-135.
  • “Compression therapy is essential to helping prevent post-op swelling during recovery. One study evaluated 48 TKA patients for one week after surgery. Lower limb swelling and pain were significantly reduced for the compression group vs. the control group.”
    Journal of Arthroplasty,” April 1999; 14 (3): 333-8.
  • “Dynamic intermittent compression combined with cryotherapy decreases analgesic drug requirements after ACL reconstruction and improves the postoperative recovery of range of knee motion.”
    Cryotherapy with dynamic intermittent compression for analgesia after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, J. Murgiera, X. Cassardb

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