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Halo sport uses a technology called transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to stimulate the motor cortex in the brain, allowing those connections to fire more often when you practice. The term for this is hyperplasticity. The more neurons fire together the faster ANY movement can be learnt.

5 in stock (can be backordered)

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Movement has different components and Halo Sport has an effect on all of them


  1. Skill – To play piano ,putt or perfect a muscle up, your brain has to send signals to the correct muscles in a specific order. With HALO Sport, your brain needs fewer reps to perfect that process.
  2. Strength – To lift more weight, your brain needs to send a stronger signal to your muscles. With Halo Sport, your brain strengthens that signal faster.
  3. Endurance -At the end of a run, your brain is sending weaker signals to your muscles, so you feel fatigued. With Halo Sport, your brain learns to maintain stronger signals throughout the run.


  • Integrated Bluetooth audio for an entirely wireless experience
  • Improved sound quality in line with high-end headphones
  • Updated Primers to make Neuropriming as easy as possible
  • Brand new Halo Sport app that includes tracking, reminders, and brain training tips


  • Halo Sport 2 Owner’s Guide
  • Required: Compatible mobile device
  • Product Weight: 415 g
  • Product Fit: Fits most head sizes, adjustable band
  • Medical Grade Engineering: Quality system based on the ISO 13485 standard & safety and human factors engineering based on ISO 14971 standard
  • Patents: 9,630,005 | 9,757,561 | 9,486,618 | 9,713,712 | 9,782,585 | 9,802,042 | D797,074 | D797,297
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